The Need for Smart Growth

We must recognize that Vaughan is the fastest growing city in Canada. This poses many challenges for our city, region, and residents. There is no doubt that we must work in concert with the many stakeholders in our community to develop the appropriate planning and financing initiatives that will ensure that infrastructure investments keep pace with the demands of our City’s rapid population growth. Positive outcomes in this regard will need to be driven, in part, by public input and consultation.

Smart Growth incorporates designs that meet all residents’ core needs within a short walk of their homes: shopping, parks, schools, recreation facilities, public transit, employment and more. Developments in Ward 3 have been given limited attention to this. Victor will ensure that our City grows according to our community’s master plan within our existing communities.

Three recent projects in Ward 3 have all come before council in the past year and Smart Growth was missing from all of them until Victor and the other Ward 3 ratepayer’s groups got involved:

  • 4101 Rutherford Road
  • 3812 Major Mackenzie Drive
  • 3836-3850 Major Mackenzie Drive

Combined, they will increase the population of Ward 3 by somewhere around 40,000 people. Further projects at Weston Rd. and Hwy 7 that will replace the Cineplex Colossus theatre and accompanying businesses are planning to build more condos and add approximately 100,000 more residents.

How will Victor address new projects:

  • Hold local Town Hall meetings
  • Work with the developer to right-size projects to complement & enhance local communities
  • Ensure public services are concurrently implemented