Elect Victor Lacaria for Ward 3 Councillor

Victor Lacaria… Working Together!

Victor loves Vaughan! He brings a passion to tackling community issues and new development projects that were initially incompatible with city’s planning commitments to residents.

Over these past few years, we have repeatedly found new development projects disrupt neighbourhoods with increased traffic congestion & lack of parking, insufficient schools, and minimal community services. We have seen changes that have taken place lacking any community involvement with members of Vaughan Council marginalizing local residents and their concerns.

As an engaged community leader, Victor will provide:

  • Good governance
  • Greater accountability and transparency, and
  • Improved and meaningful consultation with residents

Victor looks to help shape our future growth in a smart, responsible way that preserves our quality of life for future generations. Whether it be poorly thought-out city policies, lack of bylaw enforcement, or new developments that increase traffic congestion, Victor brings a passion to finding creative solutions to resident’s issues.

Victor’s goal is to make Vaughan work for all of us.

Vote for Victor Lacaria!